Yoga retreats in Varna – Summer 2017

Yoga retreats with Anna Vesna in Varna, Bulgaria – Summer 2017.

» Dates

– 30 April – 7 May 2017
–  25 July – 1 August 2017

For the first time this year I invite you to join my yoga retreat in the Summer capital of Bulgaria. That’s why we chose a place very close to the seacoast – beautiful beach with clean seawater and fresh sea air – just 2 minutes walk.

This yoga retreat in Varna will be the first one after my big Asian program: regular Yoga classes in Arambol, Goa, Yoga Teachers Training Course in India and The Yoga recreation in Bali. It will be taught in St.Nikola complex located at the Black Sea coast in Varna

A few steps from a quiet beach, gentle spring sun, the fresh clean sea, fruits and yoga – the plan for May this year, which will restore you body and mind after the long winter.

What to EXPECT

The program – two asana practice in the morning and in the evening (hatha, vinyasa flow and – upon request – mixed with other styles of yoga). The afternoon – workshops on yoga philosophy, in-depth work on adjusting the asanas, a seminar on motivation and methods of organizing your home practice, talk about yogic diet. Also in this round, we pay attention to breathing and meditation – morning classes, we will start with the development of breathing techniques – pranayama, and the evening will end the practice of familiarity with different ways of concentration and meditation.

And, of course, we’ll take a few walks in Varna – the old center, the seaside park and the surrounding area.
May – this is the beginning of the love season, we will avoid the crowds of tourists and will be able to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the city and the beach.

July – the high season, you will enjoy the hot summer sun and the green city of Varna. Walk thru the center and feel the night life.

Climate and temperatures: balanced weather, temperatures around 23-25 degrees in May and around 30-35 in July.

» Yoga retreat program

These days will be a thorough research and development for you using the best yoga techniques. Two asana practices per day, thematic seminars, a lot of communication and interaction. You can get answers to questions about the theory and practice of yoga as a philosophical system of personality development. We will also exploring ways to relaxation and recovery used in yoga.

  • Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga.
    – 1.5 hours of practice twice a day, morning and afternoon
  • Workshop “Principles of home practice and motivation”
  • “The basics of yoga philosophy” – Workshop
  • Discussion about healthy eating
  • Daily short meditation
  • Yoga nidra practice
  • 108 Surya Namaskar.

» Daily schedule sample

8:00 – 9:30 – Yoga practice
10:00 – breakfast

13:00 – 14:00 – workshop

17:00 – 18:30 – evening yoga practice
18:30 – 19:00 – meditation

» Yoga retreat prices

€ 560 =  7 nights – double room
€ 600 = 7 nights – single room

To book your Yoga retreat with Anna Vesna in Varna you need to transfer a prepayment of €200.
Please send an inquiry to get the payment details.

Included in the price:

  • yoga practice, twice a day
  • double room accomodation in Villas,
  • vegetarian breakfast
  • transfer from Varna airport.

» You can take your friends or family with you. Book the Villa just for you – please write me to send you details for this option.

Book your flight now to get the best rate for this Yoga retreat with Anna Vesna in May 2017 – Varna, Bulgaria.

Note: Classes will be taught in Russian but I will give you private guidance in English when needed. And of course I will adjust you properly.

» Information, inquiries and questions:

use the contact form

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Personal Yoga Sequence

Personal (Private) Yoga Sequence


Dear friends,
I prepare personal yoga sequence for people who can not join Yoga classes neither practice outside home for any reason.

Why practice yoga at home

I understand that nowadays we have less time for us especially when it comes to practice exercises or do more about our health.  We just prefer to drop in at a GYM for half an hour or even more, thinking we’re OK – we did enough for us.  But are we good?
Unfortunately it does not work that way.  Our body needs more.  More attention, more regular practice, more time.

So this Yoga program is for people who really want to do something about their self at home and do it properly, regularly.  You do not need to buy and read unlimited book content about how to do yoga.

With my guidance you’ll get the best for your Yoga practice at home in PDF files.
All directions, asanas, timings, breaths will be accurately made for your needs and capabilities.

How it works

We will have a conversation over Skype and going on the details of your daily schedule.  Then we  will discuss your health and body condition.  Do not worry, this is just because I need to know how to organize your private yoga sequence to fit within your daily needs.  We could discuss it even several times till I have enough details.  After that I will start to work preparing your personal yoga sequence.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me.  All details upon request.

Before you purchase your pdf Yoga sequence

Please note that the time needed for preparation such a program is up to three weeks.

Thank you!

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Yoga classes at Arambol beach in GOA, INDIA

From December 2015 till end of February 2016 I will be teaching regular classes in Arambol, Goa, INDIA.

Please, feel free to join me every weekday from 8.30-10.00 and 16.30-18.00 in White Pyramid (ex Blue Pyramid) at Arambol Beach, GOA.

The White Pyramid hall faces the Arambol beach and is located near Ash, south of Love temple. Upon request I could arrange a private class too.