Personal yoga sequence

Personal (Private) Yoga Sequence


Dear friends,
I prepare personal yoga sequence for people who can not join Yoga classes neither practice outside their homes for any reason.

Why practice yoga at home

I understand that nowadays we have less time for us especially when it comes to practice exercises or do more about our health.  We just prefer to drop in at a GYM for half an hour or even more, thinking we’re OK – we did enough for us.  But are we good?
Unfortunately it does not work that way.  Our body needs more.  More attention, more regular practice, more time.personal yoga sequence

So this Yoga program is for people who really want to do something about their self at home and do it properly, regularly.  You do not need to buy and read unlimited book content about how to do yoga.

With my guidance you’ll get the best for your Yoga practice at home in PDF files.
All directions, asanas, timings, breaths will be accurately made for your needs and capabilities.

How it works

We will have a conversation over Skype and going on the details of your daily schedule.  Then we  will discuss your health and body condition.  Do not worry, this is just because I need to know how to organize your private yoga sequence to fit within your daily needs.  We could discuss it even several times till I have enough details for your condition.  And after that I will start to work preparing your personal yoga sequence.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me.  All further details upon request.

Before you purchase your pdf Yoga sequence

Please note that the time needed to prepare such a program is up to three weeks.

Thank you!