Yoga Skype classes

Private Skype Yoga classes for everyone

For those, who currently is not able to attend my classes, I offer Skype yoga-sessions with me. This is a new efficient way of teaching yoga.

You can enjoy a class in the comfort of your own home at a time suitable for you. You will get a practice designed specially for you and your current needs with instant feedback and verbal adjustments.

Private skype yoga-classes are suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate practitioners. You can pick either one session or a course of 10 classes.

Because of the huge interest and limited time on my schedule I offer you group skype classes. You’ll get again the same quality of teaching for less money. The maximum number of students in group yoga classes is four persons.

1 private skype class (60min) – €30,-
10 private skype classes – €250,-

1 group skype class (60min) – €20,-
10 group skype classes – €180,-

Note: All group skype classes are taught with up to 4 students, depending on the schedule.

To ask a question or book a class please use the contact form below.

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